Getting There
Dundalk is situated 55 miles north of Dublin on the east coast of Ireland, half way between Belfast and Dublin.

The information presented here is based on the currently available info: if you require further details, please get in touch with us! We will be expanding this page as we get closer to the con dates.

To Dundalk from Dublin Airport:
    Aer Lingus, Ryanair, BMI and most other major airlines fly into Dublin airport, and good value can be found if you book early enough.

  • By bus: most Bus Eireann buses bound for Dundalk from Dublin do actually stop at the airport, so there is a direct link to Dundalk from here. Check with the airport's travel desk, situated just inside the arrivals area; they will be able to tell you when the next bus is due.

    The bus journey should take a little under two hours, and it can be quite arduous, so it you have plenty of time it might be easier to travel from the airport into Dublin city centre, and from there take a train (the train might not be any quicker, but it is definitely more comfortable).

  • By car: Go north. Stick to the main road and keep going north. Stop when you reach Dundalk. Yes, it's that simple!
From Dublin Airport to Dublin City Centre:
    Getting to Dublin city centre from the airport couldn't be easier: There are many varieties of buses, but the best are probably the Aircoach and the Dublin Bus Airlink; these both go directly into the city centre and call at Connolly train station and Busarus (the central Bus station). The local bus (No. 41) is cheaper, but it does make a lot of stops along the way.

    There is also the AerDart; a bus service to a local rail station with a very frequent rail connection into Connolly station.

    Taxis are more expensive; the airport is about 10 miles from the city centre, so if time permits the bus option is probably best.

From Dublin City Centre to Dundalk:
  • By train: This is the better option; the train is quicker than the bus, and, although less frequent, it is much more comfortable. Connolly station is the main station for all northbound trains from Dublin, serving Belfast and Dundalk. It is fairly central, on Amiens street, a short walk from O'Connell Street straight down Talbot Street. Note: Trains to Dublin from all other parts of Ireland will stop at either Connolly station or Heuston station (from where a bus can be caught to Connolly station).

    From Connolly station there is a suburban rail service to Dundalk and the 'Enterprise' Dublin to Belfast service, which also stops at Dundalk. On a normal weekday there are 14 departures. The journey takes betweeen 55 and 70 minutes (depending on the stops scheduled along the route). Note: the Monday following the convention is a bank holiday, so the train service will be reduced.

  • By bus: Busarus is the central bus station in Dublin and is also on Amiens street, located very close to Connolly train station.

    The bus journey takes between two hours and two hours fifteen minutes. Buses are a lot more frequent than trains, with 22 departures a day.

From Dundalk Train Station to the Fairways Hotel:
    The simplest method is to get a taxi: the hotel is around a mile and a half from the train station.

We would advise those travelling from afar to try to arrive in Dublin on the Thursday before the con - there will be a number of con-related events in Dublin that evening - and then travel early on Friday to Dundalk.

Friday is always a busy time for commuting, and as the con is on a bank holiday weekend it will be busier then usual, so try to arrange to fly into Dublin around midday if not in the morning, and head out to the hotel early; there will be many of us there, and the bar is very welcoming.

Flying into Belfast is also an option and the airport is served by a bus link to Central station where they have 8 daily departures for Dublin via Dundalk.

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