First up, some great images created by con members - feel free to send us your own!

Sprout Park by Bill Tyler   Sprouturama by Bill Tyler   TC&SU - The Movie by Chip Livingstone

Lego by Bill Tyler   The Powerpuff Smofs by Chip Livingstone

They Canine Shaved Us   Chews a convention you can get your teeth into...   Cyborg, yes. Eye-less, yes. But at least his nostrils have finally healed over.   Pushing TC&SU at Uncon: Stef and some guy with glasses   At the SFX Event, Stef and Robert introduce TC&SU to top artist Salvador Dalek

Hmm...   ...What's THIS all about?

A selection of promotional images for They Came and Shaved Us. Please feel free to use these images to advertise our convention!

Red on Black (1718x990)


Black on White (1718x990)


Robert Rankin (554x740)


Blade (513x372)


Red (437x885)


White (437x885)


Black (437x885)