Damn Fine Convention

Inspired by the cult television series Twin Peaks, Damn Fine Con featured almost everything we could think of that might be connected to the show, or to pretty much anything created by David Lynch.

Three fifths of the Damn Fine Con committee. See? They're as normal as everyone else.
Robert Rankin wonders whether anyone will share his burden.
Free food! The donut-tasting was one of the more popular events, expecially with the man who supplied the donuts.
Air-rifles! What other convention would give you the opportunity to shoot tiny plastic pellets at a man wearing body armour?
The participants in the early-morning outdoors pyjama party prepare to play "London Bridge is Falling Down."
You've seen The Straight Story... Here's our take on lawnmower racing. This was a lot of fun with only three minor fatalities.
It seems that someone misunderstood the concept behind Jennifer Lynch's movie Boxing Helena.
Robert and Sally Rankin at the extremely popular and occasionally disturbing cross-dressing / law-enforcement disco.
James and Stef on their day off.
The Booze Brothers performing live at the Karaoke.