Aliens Stole my Handbag
So what exactly happened at Aliens Stole my Handbag? Well, to be honest, most of those who were present for the event still aren't entirely sure.

However, some photographic evidence remains...

Two mad old women who snuck into to the con are delighted to have found a nest of half-naked young men.
Yes, that is what it looks like... A nipple in the process of being pierced.
And here's the man it's being done to: James Bacon, bravely trying not to run away.
Stef - normally a quiet, cheerful chap - appears to be a little riled (don't really know what caused this, but it was definitely one of the more strange outdoors events).
In a scene eerily reminiscent of Blazing Saddles, the assorted troops prepare for battle.
Dave Baker, featureless heads and broken dollies. Even I don't want to take a guess as to what was going on here!
Anders and Ronán prepare battle plans next to the dreaded "Paddling Pool of Death"
The Reverend Jim brings a certain serenity to the proceedings.
M.J. Simpson interviews Robert Rankin. Or maybe it was the other way around?
Just to prove that we're not all a bunch of sad geeky fanboys: happy non-geeky fangirls! Yes, actual live women attend these events!
And just to prove that I didn't include the above photo because of its high babe-factor, here's a nice photo of a handsome man with a whip.