What is 'They Came and Shaved Us'?
    It's a convention run by some of the guys who brought you Aliens Stole My Handbag and Damn Fine Convention.

    They Came and Shaved Us will be running literally non-stop from Friday the 24th of October 2003 until Sunday night the 26th. It will be a feast of all things fun, weird and wondrous.

    Our Master of Ceremonies is Robert Rankin, and we have a great selection of guests and speakers lined up to help us through the weekend. The event will be taking place in Ireland, coincidentally the ancestral home of Sproutlore, which celebrates 10 years of existence in 2003.

What's going to happen at it?

    Lordy, where do I start?

    We intend to touch upon such subjects as... Victorian late 19th century, H.P. Lovecraft, The League of Gentlemen, Nemesis, Freak Shows, Crowley, Carnival of Horror / Chaos, Escapologists, Ripley's Believe it or Not, Weird Food, various Show and Tells, Dangerous Sports, Sprout Stamping... A lot of this will tie in rather nicely with Robert and our other speakers (some of whom have asked to remain anonymous).

    There will be an auction, a raffle, a look at a collection of Victoriana, and much, much more. It will be a real party, with 3 discos over the course of the weekend that will involve lots of dressing up (and some singing too). Click here for a small gallery of photos from Aliens Stole my Handbag, and here for a glimpse of Damn Fine Convention.

  • Progress Report Number One
  • Progress Report Number Two

How much is this going to cost me?

    Not very much at all, considering what a blast you're going to have! Click here for the convention rates and booking form. We have a very limited number of places available so please join up as soon as you can to avoid disappointment (it's unlikely that we'll be taking memberships on the door due to this limitation).

    Update: As of July 8th, there are only 14 places remaining, so if you're interested, book NOW!

And where will this wonderful event be taking place?

    After much searching, we found the great Fairways Hotel, located in Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland, halfway between Dublin and Belfast. It's a superb hotel with great facilities, and we have negotiated excellent room rates for members of the convention.

    Click here for travel details.

Who's behind all this?

    The committee is comprised of James Bacon, Stefan Lancaster and Bill Tyler, who between them have about a bazillion years of con-running experience, and Michael Carroll, who doesn't, but somehow he managed to get roped into this anyway. Our chairman Bill has been running cons in his native USA for nearly twenty years. He will be moving to Ireland in the next few months and he's very keen to bring his unique ideas to the European SF scene.

    Bill has decided that it would be a good idea to keep everyone up to date with some fairly regular messages... Click here for the latest!

How do I get in touch with you?

    Click here to see our contacts page!